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The Best Travel Guide Of 2022 For A Visit To Cairo

One of the world’s major megacities Cairo is unquestionably stunning and chaotic at the same time. Due to damage and lack of restoration, it retains its historic grandeur. Perhaps this explains why Cairo is such a popular destination for both tourists and locals alike.

Make a joke and gaze to discover the actual character of Cairo for yourself. Undoubtedly, if you genuinely adore Cairo, it will leave no stone unturned to double the love and send it to you. Henceforth, This page has everything you need to plan a trip to Egypt’s capital city, Cairo.

●      The Plateau Of Giza

Giza Plateau - Great Sphinx With Pyramid Of Khafre In Background
🏞️ Giza Plateau – Great Sphinx With Pyramid Of Khafre In Background | πŸ“· Daniel Mayer (

As per our research, the Giza Pyramids date back more than 4,500 years. Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure are the three pyramids that make up the complex. Moreover, it stands vigil over the Valley Temple and the Pyramid of Khafre, which are both located in the Valley.

●     Muhammad Ali’s Mosque

Muhammad Ali Mosque
🏞️ Muhammad Ali Mosque | πŸ“· kallerna (

Mokattam Hill, in the heart of Cairo, is home to the mediaeval Islamic stronghold known as the Cairo Citadel. In addition to that, a massive Ottoman edifice of the Mosque of Muhammad Ali in the middle of the Citadel is there from 19th century. Cairo’s skyline is dominated by the massive domes and minarets of this iconic structure, which can be seen from a long-distance away.

●      Babylon And Coptic Cairo

Babylon and Coptic Cairo
🏞️ Babylon Fortress | πŸ“· Diego Delso (

Coptic Old Babylonian remains are discovered in Cairo’s neighbourhood. As a pre-Roman, pre-Islamic structure, Babylon stronghold was erected by Persians. Several orthodox Christian churches and a monastery are found in Cairo, making it known as the Christian Cairo.

The Best Restaurants To Eat At Cairo

More than a thousand restaurants are located inside the city borders, spanning in cuisine from Egyptian to Italian, French, Indian and Lebanese, attracting diners from all over the world. Thus, we have Some of Cairo’s finest dining establishments. Make sure you’re going to go hungry!

●      Koshary Abou Tarek

Koshary Abou Tarek
🏞️ Koshary Abou Tarek | πŸ“· Andrew Shieh (

Abou Tarek in downtown Cairo has the freshest koshary you’ll find on your Egypt vacation. This place was famous due to CNN and then after it became well-known all over the globe for their rendition of the legendary meal. Abou Tarek is feedinging hungry residents and visitors since 1950.

●      Thomas’s House

Popular Zamalek pizzeria, adorned with brass and mirrors, has been serving up Cairo’s best thin-crust pizzas since 1912. The pies aren’t authentically Italian or American; instead, they’re imbued with Egyptian texture and flavour, making each one unlike any other you’ve had.

●      Birdcage

Where can you get Thai cuisine in Cairo? Birdcage offers a welcome drink and a variety of Thai cuisine, including tom yum, green curry, and shrimp konafa for those who like to dine in. Furthermore, for those who aren’t sure what they want to eat, the ‘Degustation’ menu is the best option.

Cairo’s Street Shopping

Cairo’s market shopping may be a lot of fun. Never forget to haggle at this market, either. For street shopping in Cairo, here is a list of spots that are worth checking out.

●      Khedive Ezra

Walking through the old Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar in Cairo is an experience not to be missed. Spices, perfumes, jewellery, and leather goods are just some of the items for sale at this bustling open-air bazaar.

●      Tentmakers

Tentmakers’ Street is renowned for its manufacturing of appliquΓ© panels, which can be seen in abundance on the street. Numerous little streets are crowded with local merchants in this neighbourhood.

●      Suuq el Ataba

There is a great vibe at Suuq el Ataba, which is a massive local market in Cairo. In Cairo, it’s a great store to get your shoes and apparel. To get the most out of your visit, get to the market as early as possible. In terms of pricing, it’s extremely reasonable.

Try These Delicacies!

To ensure that you get the most out of your meal, come prepared with a healthy appetite. Some of the greatest dishes in Egyptian cuisine, as selected by us.

●      Molokhia

🏞️ Molokheya | πŸ“· Habib M’henni (

Many Egyptians revere this hearty soup of greens. Typical accompaniments include rice, chicken or rabbit, and chopped leafy greens in a basic broth. Soup is often eaten with rice and meat added to it, making it a complete meal in and of itself.

●      Falafel

🏞️ Falafel | πŸ“· young shanahan (

In Egypt, falafel is made with ground fava beans, herbs, and spices, creating a bright green centre with a crispy brown crust. Enjoy this filling dinner at any time of day or night with tahina (a vinegary sauce prepared from tahini paste), bread, and pickles.

●      Ful Medames

This renowned Egyptian bean stew, made with cumin, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and onion, is a must-try if you visit Egypt. This mainstay is consumed as a quick breakfast or lunch from street sellers in pitta sandwiches with bread, tahina, and salads.

When Is The Best Time To Go To Cairo?

The months of March-April and October-November are ideal for visiting Cairo. Most days of the week, the weather are pleasant, there are fewer people around, and hotel prices are lower during these brief shoulder seasons. The best time to visit Cairo is during the winter months when the days are pleasant and sunny and the nights are mild and breezy. During the winter months of December through February, the city will be swarming with visitors. Summer is the ideal time to get a good price on a hotel, but the extra effort of enduring the heat isn’t worth it for everyone.

Get The Most Out Of Your Cairo Trip

With a tour, you don’t have to worry about the trouble of finding your way about Cairo, dealing with pushy touts, or negotiating to price. Instead, you may sit back and take in the views as an expert Egyptologist explains the history of the sites. They also provide hotel pickup and drop off, along with admission to several of the attractions. Here are a few enjoyable, low-cost sightseeing options.


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