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Visit Here In Nusa Penida

If one refers to Nusa Penida as a piece of heaven on earth, one would not be mistaken. This small Indonesian island, barely over 200 square kilometers, is so devastatingly gorgeous that it does appear to be from beyond this world. While the climate here may be warm and humid, topped with uncertain bursts of rain, it does not deter people from flogging to it. And it makes sense – its beauty, serenity, pristine quality – everything contributes to making it one of the best places to visit on the planet. And if that was not enough, its population of 45k warm and welcoming people adds to the charm of the destination. So, if you are considering Nusa Penida as your next travel destination and are looking for a guide to help you with major questions, worry not! We Visit Here In, have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you through the process of Travel to Nusa Penida.

How To Get To Nusa Penida?

Since Nusa is becoming ever-so-popular with people, there are now three ways to get to this paradise:

Speedboat From Tanjung Benoa

Speedboats from Tanjung Benoa are reliable options, especially since their physical conditions are better than speedboats available in other places. However, the downside is that they only run on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and that too once a day.

Public Ferry From Padang Bai

The public ferry in Padang Bai is another option that works great, especially if you want to transfer your vehicle to Nusa. However, since the ferry does not follow a fixed schedule, you might be in for some waiting.

Speedboat From Sanur

Although the speedboat conditions in Sanur may not be as great as in Tanjong, they run much more frequently and reliably throughout the day, throughout the week. This makes them a reliable option.

What To Do And See?

Visit The Gorgeous Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach
🏞️ Kelingking Beach | 📷 alleksana (

Kelingking Beach is easily a star-beach in Nusa, and for all the right reasons. Rocking an interesting T-rex shape and featuring a small and secluded white sand beach overlooking crystal-like turquoise waters, it is a picture-perfect destination. Getting to the beach itself might be difficult. But you can always enjoy breathtaking views of it atop the cliffs that line it.

Swim At The Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach
🏞️ Diamond Beach | 📷 Mario Schmidt (

Diamond beach is another spectacular beach in Nusa, loved for its luxurious white sand and stunning multi-hued waters. Water waves come crashing at the beach, forming foam that tickles your feet – it is a lovely experience! Thanks to the sea being unpolluted in this area, it is perfect for swimming!

Spot Manta Rays While Scuba Diving

The waters in this region are famously clear and bustling with spectacular underwater life. Therefore, the scuba diving experience you can live here is unbeatable and unmatchable. So, head to Manta Point and participate in this exciting sport!

Pay Your Respects At The Pura Dalem Ped and Pura Goa Giri Temples

Goa Giri Putri Temple
🏞️ Goa Giri Putri Temple | 📷 Sasuke shinozawa (

Nusa Penida is labeled as the dark magic island in the local culture and mythology, where the dark spirit is worshiped and kept at bay. The local Balinese people have dedicated a sprawling temple compound (Pura Dalem Ped) for this purpose here, which is a fantastic sight to witness, thanks to its architecture and lore. Another temple that might interest you is Pura Goa Giri, which is situated in one of the largest caves on the island.

Witness Breathtaking Views At The Banah Viewpoint

Banah viewpoint in Nusa penida
🏞️ Banah Viewpoint | 📷 M. Abdallatif (

Nusa Penida is full of spots that provide dramatic viewpoints of the location. One of the best points here is the Banah viewpoint. Enjoy stunning panoramic views of gorgeous blue waters and green hills below you. They will make your jaw drop!

Where To Stay?

Although accommodation options in Nusa may not be as diverse as in Bali, it does not mean the element of choice is absent.

For People On A Budget: Asoka Bungalows (USD 15 per night per person)

For a very cheap and budget-friendly price, Asoka Bungalows offer to treat you like royalty. With excellent amenities like proximity to Nusapenida beach, garden views, air conditioning, complementary breakfast, and free WiFi, among others, they promise you a wonderful time here.

For A Luxurious Escape: Daphila Cottage (USD 83 per night per two people)

Rated as one of the best accommodation options in Nusa Penida, Daphila Cottage provide what they promise – luxury. Boasting exciting features like an outdoor pool, garden, room service, on-site bar, air conditioning, and an American-style buffet, this residence has everything you want from a hotel. It is especially great for couples, for they love the experience here!

For A Different Experience: Authentik Nusa Penida (USD 237 per airbnb)

If you want to indulge in an authentic Nusa experience, taking advantage of its lush beauty, AuthentikNusaPenida should be your top consideration. These AirBnbs are high-end, air-conditioned, eco-friendly safari tents perched within stunning forests. They also feature impressive elements like en-suite private bathrooms, hot showers, swimming pools, and WiFi. It is an experience to die for!

Getting Around

Getting around Nusa Penida is not extremely easy owing to poor road conditions. Most of the destinations are not easily accessible via foot, and there are not many public transportation options available. However, rental scooters and cars are available and popular among visitors. While scooters form the cheaper choice, costing around 75,000 Rupiah (~USD 5) per day, they are dangerous to drive on your own. Especially, if you are not accustomed to driving bikes on broken and slippery roads. Plus, most insurances do not cover damages if you are not a licensed scooter driver. That means, scooters are too risky an option. The more reasonable choice is renting a car. A car may cost a lot more relatively, i.e., approximately USD 5 per ride, they are safer and more convenient.


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