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Explore Kathmandu Like A Local With Our Comprehensive Guide

Many of you might not know that Kathmandu is a section of the Kathmandu Valley. It was initially called the Nepal Mandala and includes other nearby localities. Historically, the modern Kathmandu Valley is little more than a lake, despite its rich host and animal species.

Manjushree, a Tibetan Buddhist Saint, stumbled upon a lotus in the middle of a lake and instantly began worshipping it due to the strong devotional sentiments it generated in him. Henceforth, he reduced Chobar Hill to a canyon that had grown deep enough to enable the lake to drain, leaving a verdant zone ideal for human settlement in its wake. For thousands of years, the Valley has been a pilgrimage place and is a significant tourist attraction today.

Here’s a simple guide on going to Kathmandu in Nepal so that you can maximize your next holiday.

Know About Kathmandu

With its dizzying population, Kathmandu is the capital of the Democratic Federal Republic of Nepal and a popular destination for travelers of all ages. For many tourists to Kathmandu, the initial impression will be a frenzy of sights and sounds.

The Most Convenient Mode Of Transportation In Kathmandu

Kathmandu has a well connection via air to all major cities in India, including Delhi and Mumbai. Henceforth, tourists interested in visiting the city may book tickets on major international airlines that fly directly into the city. Additionally, you can reach by car through a multitude of various entry points located across the city.

What To See And Do In Nepal’s Kathmandu

The Town’s Biggest Attraction Is Kathmandu Durbar Square

Kathmandu Durbar Square
🏞️ Kathmandu Durbar Square | πŸ“· Gerd Eichmann (

Durbar Square is one of three ancient royal palaces in the city’s central business center that date all the way back to the medieval Kathmandu Kingdom. Additionally, you can also call it Basantapur Durbar Kshetra. Throughout the surrounding region, several beautiful constructions reflect the people’s art throughout countless centuries.


🏞️ Swayambhunath | πŸ“· Volker Meyer (

Numerous explorers state that the valley’s oldest building dates back thousands of years. Swayambhunath was established in the fifth century by the ancestor of King Manadeva to enable further time travel. The Tibetan name “Swayambihunath” refers to the many tree species that grow on the hill upon which the stupa is constructed.


🏞️ Boudhanath | πŸ“· Nirmal Qtc (

UNESCO listed Boudhanath, Nepal, as a World Heritage Site in 1979. Together with Swyambhunath, Boudhanath is one of the holiest Buddhist sites in Nepal. You may enjoy the vast mandala. It stands on the grounds of indifferent religious roots.

You’ll appreciate strolling through the 108 small images captured by Dhyani Buddha at the foot of the colossal Stupa (Amitabha)


🏞️ Pashupatinath | πŸ“· Harry Paudyal (

Pashupatinath is a Hindu temple. People dedicated it to Lord Shiva situated in Nepal on the banks of the Bagmati River. It goes all the way back to the fifth century and is Kathmandu’s oldest Hindu temple. Thus, each time you come, you will never miss a chance to close your eyes and be alone for a brief minute.

Thamel: The Prestigious And Eventful Expedition

Evening Lights Of Thamel
🏞️ Evening Lights Of Thamel | πŸ“· Sergey Ashmarin (

The legendary historical walk takes you through Kathmandu’s major areas, offering an insider’s insight into the city. While you are a guest, you will most likely stay in Thamel, which is where the historical walk starts. Thus, Thamel has its own distinct charm. The “Kathmandu Guest House,” Kathmandu’s first hotel, opened its doors, and the legend began to take shape. There are several shrines, temples, and shops in this section of the medieval city, making it a popular tourist destination.

The Best Indian Restaurants In Kathmandu

  • Rosemary Kitchen & Coffee Shop
    • πŸ—ΊοΈ Thamel Marga, Kathmandu, Nepal 44600
  • The Ship Restaurant Bar and Lounge
    • πŸ—ΊοΈ Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal | Amrit Marg
  • Fusion Kitchen Restaurant
    • πŸ—ΊοΈ 29 Thamel | Chhuisa Galli in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Where To Shop In Kathmandu


It serves as a primary shopping location for travelers. If you plan a shopping day, you cannot miss this location. This area has various small businesses, motels, and lodges to offer you various items worth buying.

The King’s Way

King’s Way is one of the richest areas in Katmandu. Indeed, with independent stores for brands such as Adidas, Zara, H&M, and Reebok, Kingsway is the preferred shopping destination for brand enthusiasts.

New Road

New Road is a retail district with a large number of independent businesses selling nearly everything. For this reason, New Road has everything available at a reasonable price.

The Finest Delicacies


🏞️ Momos | πŸ“· Kushal Goyal (

The steam momo buns are often eaten with a spicy tomato sauce in Tibetan. Besides traditional vegetable and meat fillings, additional delicious options such as potato and cheese are also used. In this case, depending on your preference, you may choose steamed or fried momos.


🏞️ Yomari | πŸ“· Ritesh Man Tamrakar (

These steamed rice-flour dumplings, often shaped like fish, are as sweet as chaku, filled with chocolate, and served with a candy sauce. Hence, Yomari is extensively eaten during the post-harvest Yomari Punhi ceremony. Yet, on the other hand, they are accessible all year round.

Aloo Phing

Aloo phing is a spicy noodle, vegetable, and potato bouillon dish. Evidently, the Tibetan refugees who arrived in Nepal after the removal of the Tibetan Dalai Lama from the country in 1959, the introduction of Tibetan cuisine such as this platter resulted in the flow of Tibetan foods into Nepal.

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit The Region?

On a clear day, the monsoon rains cleanse the air of dust, revealing magnificent vistas and Himalayan views is the perfect yes to visit Kathmandu. Between October and December, you can plan your vacation. However, even during the peak season, this is the best time to visit Kathmandu.

If this is not possible, Spring might still be a pleasant time to come that is February to mid-April.


If you want to experience true Kathmandu, you should do as the locals do. Conduct your own research and amass knowledge. Thus, Nepal will be always in your memory for the remainder of your years. However, in Kathmandu, almost half of the population can communicate in English. As a result, you will have fewer challenges in countries where English is not the primary language, like Nepal.


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