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The Ultimate Bangkok Travel Guide

If you are planning a visit to Bangkok, here’s the ultimate Bangkok travel guide for you. Bangkok has been attracting millions of tourists every year for decades because of the unique blend of cultural heritage and modernity that it offers visitors. Bangkok nightlife, gourmet cuisine, magnificent historical sites, and world-class hospitality abound in this destination. Let’s explore the key things that you should know about this Southeast Asian destination.

The Location

Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, is a bustling metropolis. You’ll find Bangkok in the delta of the Chao Phraya River, approximately 40 kilometres from the Gulf of Thailand.

The Best Time To Visit Bangkok

From December through February, the weather in Bangkok is at its finest. Blue sky and mild temperatures (on average 24°C) await you nearly every day. You don’t have to worry about becoming sweaty when walking around the city. Temperatures may drop to as low as 20°C in the nights on occasion.

The Low Season In Bangkok

Bangkok’s low season runs from May through October when the rainy season prevents many tourists from visiting the city because of the weather. Many hotels and excursions offer significant discounts during this time to entice budget-conscious tourists. Rainy days are common in the city, but there are many indoor activities to keep you busy.

How To Travel Around Bangkok


Tuk-tuk In Bangkok Street
🏞️ Tuk-tuk In Bangkok Street | 📸 Martin Péchy (

Thailand’s famous tuk-tuks are not only a fun way to get about, but they’re also convenient and cost-effective. While prices vary according to your travel distance, be wary of Bangkok tuk-tuk drivers who may try to scam you.


Taking a taxi around Bangkok is another simple and convenient method of transportation. It is easy to find them throughout the city, particularly near tourist sites, retail centres, and hotels.

Bangkok Subway

The Bangkok MRT is yet another fast and effective mode of transportation inside Bangkok. Sukhumvit and Silom stations on the BTS Skytrain are served by trains arriving every 5 to 7 minutes. Nearly all tourist hotspots are serviced by the MRT train system.


In Bangkok, the bus system is the most efficient mode of transportation. The tickets are less expensive and within everyone’s budget. 

Metro And Sky Train

Thailand Metro Train On The Bridge
🏞️ Thailand Metro Train On The Bridge | 📸 David Egon (

The easiest way to avoid traffic jams in Bangkok is to use the metro or sky train. In addition to using tokens to pay for your ticket, you may use pre-loaded cards instead.

The Best Things To Do

This Bangkok travel guide will be incomplete without mentioning the best things to do in Bangkok. This city, Bangkok, is famous for its many tourist attractions. Whether you are travelling with your family, friends, or lover, this amazing place has many things to offer.

The Safari World

This provides the ultimate safari experience in an African wilderness environment with hundreds of species from across the globe. Your kids will love it here!

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace Entrance
🏞️ The Grand Palace Entrance | 📸 Nick Wehrli (

The Grand Palace is a beautiful structure and one of Bangkok’s most visited tourist attractions. This sprawling complex of buildings, rooms, gardens, and courtyards is a must-see attraction for everyone visiting the Thai capital.

The Dream World

Dream World is a kid-friendly theme park built in the manner of a traditional American amusement park. If you’re travelling with kids, you can’t afford to miss out on this spectacular.

Madame Tussauds Museum

Wax Statue Of Muhammad Ali
🏞️ Wax Statue Of Muhammad Ali | 📷 Nathan Rupert (

Madame Tussauds allows you to interact with wax replicas of your favourite celebrities, including posing for photos with them, touching them, and even hugging them! The museum takes visitors on an emotional journey through the lives of renowned people.

The Siam Ocean World

Shark In The Siam Ocean World
🏞️ Shark In The Siam Ocean World | 📸 Piya Nimityongskul (

What a beautiful underwater world we’ve got here. It’s Thailand’s biggest aquarium, and it has a 4D theatre and uncommon marine animals. You’ll be spellbound by Siam Ocean World!

Wat Arun

View Of Wat Arun From The Lake
🏞️ View Of Wat Arun From The Lake | 📸 Alexandr Podvalny (

This is one of Thailand’s most stunning temples and the country’s most photographed landmark. Wat Arun is a must-see while visiting Bangkok because of the cultural importance that Thailand places on its Wats.

The Baiyoke Sky Tower

The Baiyoke Sky Tower
🏞️ The Baiyoke Sky Tower | 📷 Vanquish0 (

Thailand’s highest skyscraper, the Baiyoke Sky Tower, is also a shopping, dining, and entertainment destination. The 84th-floor rotating observation deck offers panoramic views of the city.

The Theta State Float Center

Travel to the Float Center while in Bangkok if you’ve never had the opportunity to relax in an aquatic spa and bring back a unique experience to share with your friends and family.

The Rajadamnern Thai Boxing Stadium

Boxing In The Rajadamnern Thai Boxing Stadium
🏞️ Boxing In The Rajadamnern Thai Boxing Stadium | 📸 Mateusz Turbiński (

Muay Thai fighters can be seen in play at this big arena almost every day of the week. If you want to witness some authentic Muay Thai boxing action, this is the place to go.

Red Sky Rooftop Bar

It is a relatively new rooftop bar in Bangkok, and its location on the 55th floor of a building provides some of the city’s best views. Red Sky Rooftop Bar is the ideal spot to relax after a day of shopping with a few cocktails and delectable food.


Night Street In Bangkok
🏞️ Night Street | 📸 Mateusz Turbiński (

If you ask someone about things Bangkok is famous for, there’s no doubt that you’ll get an answer saying, ‘because of the fantastic Bangkok nightlife’. Bangkok has a plethora of vibrant nightlife areas, each with its own unique character. This city’s variety and quality of nightlife make it one of the finest in Southeast Asia, demonstrating that Thailand’s capital has much more to offer.  Bangkok’s pulsating nightlife scene is readily available; all you need to do is know where to search.k someone about things Bangkok is famous for, there’s no doubt that you’ll get an answer saying, ‘because of the fantastic Bangkok nightlife’. Bangkok has a plethora of vibrant nightlife areas,

Travel tips

  • Prevent using a third party and booking straight via a website to avoid unnecessary complexity and worry.
  • Be on the lookout for pickpockets and consider purchasing a fanny pack to keep your belongings safe.
  • Take a cab only after the driver has switched on the metre.
  • Temple-hopping is popular, but remember to dress modestly. Wear a top that covers your shoulders and shorts or a skirt that hits just below the knee.

Learn few phrases!

To conclude this Bangkok travel guide, let’s learn few phrases. English is commonly spoken in Thailand’s tourist regions, but you’ll get more out of your trip by learning a little Thai and becoming involved in local culture.

Hello – Sawadee khrup/kaa

Thank you – khop khun khrup/kaa

Yes – Chai khrup/kaa 

No – Mai khrup/kaa

How much? – nee tao rai?

Sorry/excuse me – Khor thoad khrup/kaa

Where is the restroom? – Hong nam yoo tee nai khrup/kaa?

Can you speak English? – Khun pood pasa angrit dai mai

(If you’re a male, finish your sentences with khrup; if you’re a woman, use kaa.)


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